Personal Training Expert in Galway 


I first got into the gym when I was 16 years old, I wanted to feel better and gain confidence. I quickly found something I loved and was able to help my friends lose weight and get in shape too. In doing this I found my passion and wanted to be a personal trainer, so I started working in a gym in Core Fitness Claregalway Hotel, firstly as a leisure centre attendant while I learned the ropes (got older) and worked my way up to a fitness instructor. While working here I got a lot of hands on experience dealing with customers, queries and also doing gym inductions with gym members as well as working with other personal trainers.

Helping people understand fitness, exercises, health and weight loss the way I had was exciting – I just broke everything down into easy to understand information. This simple approach that worked for me started to help others combat confusion. The thing is, most of you wanting to improve your health or make fitness part of your life don’t really care or need to know about mitochondria, where muscles attach or what’s going on underneath the surface on a scientific level. You just want to be told what to do and how to do it. 

Working as a Personal Trainer in Galway

While working in Core Fitness in Galway, I got to work with a lot of great personal trainers and pick their brains which helped me learn even more. I also spent a lot of time teaching swimming lessons as a qualified swim instructor which helped me learn vital skills like communication, holding attention and problem solving.

I learned that most of us do not need new information, we just need to make adjustments to the habits that currently do not serve us so and replace them with ones that do. I know because when I started I was searching the best workouts, the best foods etc. When what I actually needed was complex information broken down into easy to understand information I could handle. And that’s been my aim ever since. 

After working there for over 3 years, I got an opportunity to work in a new gym in Annaghdown Co.Galway, which is where I’m from. This was great because it was so close to home.

Personal Training Certificate in Galway

I got my fitness instruction and nutrition qualification after a year studying in GTI Galway , and soon after completed my personal training qualification with Image Fitness Galway to become a fully qualified personal trainer . 

While I was studying I was shadowing personal training sessions with Gary, owner of Scully Fitness in Annaghdown Co.Galway further developing my skills before taking on my own clients, and teaching a wide range of classes. 

This is where my true passion was, in working face to face with people on a more personal level. I got to understand a lot about people and what their main problems were around weight loss, confidence, and energy levels but also what the roadblocks were preventing them from achieving their goals on their own.

Personal Training Experience and Expertise

Over the course of the 3 years working there I trained clients to the best shape of their lives likes Ronan who lost 20kg and got fit for 40 or Ramona, who started off wanting to get in better shape and ended up doing a powerlifting meet pulling.

Aoife who lost weight and learned skills she has for life, she did a photoshoot and took the title of the fittest barber in Glennamaddy Co. Galway, like most of my clients she continues to make fitness and health a big part of her life and has hiked mountains all over Ireland for the fun of it.

 I also helped clients pass their fitness tests for the army and Royal Marines, run their first 5kms , I even trained 2 clients for a natural bodybuilding show in Cork. I helped my client Jayne gain confidence and build muscle.

A lot of the clients I worked with had less ambitious (but not less important) goals, they simply wanted to feel good and I resonated heavily with that as it’s why I started myself. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients in person,  some of them for a few weeks, others for more than 2 years. 

I trained 15 year olds learning how to exercise for the first time and also trained 60 year olds who would put us all to shame and had a lot to teach me. I also worked with clients with learning difficulties as well as physical difficulties and disabilities. I truly love what I do.

In my own training I ran the streets of Galway and have done 10k runs for “fun” I competed in bodybuilding in 2017  as a natural, there’s a first and last for everything. I realised pushing myself (or anyone) to that level of extreme is just not for me. I’ve done 2 photoshoots  getting in the shape of my life on two separate occasions to push my preconceived boundaries, I hiked lots of mountains around Ireland and did a couple of Tough Mudder runs. I currently train 4 times a week in the gym and just recently got my first stripe in Brazilian Jiu Jitzu which I also do 4 times a week.

And in all of it, I have managed to keep up the gym a few times a week most weeks for the last 10 years, all without losing my passion for it. To say that fitness changed my life for the better would be a massive understatement, the truth is it pulled me out of depression and gave me a passion for life that I am blessed to call a job. 

Online Personal Training from Galway

In 2020, amid the whole global pandemic, I transitioned my business entirely online and have worked with clients all over the globe from as near as Annaghdown to as far as New York, Australia and Dubai. I’ve now been working online with clients for 3 years. You can see all my results and testimonials on my results page and my Google Business reviews.

If you have any questions about how to get closer to your goals through online coaching or in person training in Galway and the surrounding area reach out and book a consultation call with me.