How To Lose Weight Without Changing Your Diet


It’s that time of year again when we all promise to make better decisions, cut out all the sweets and treats and finally focus on our goals. Fortunately, helping people with their fitness and nutrition goals in a way that does not suck is what I do! If you are reading this, you probably have already tried a ‘diet’ or ‘programme’ to get you closer to your goals. You may have been working towards more stable mental health, weight loss, muscle gain or to get fitter to name but a few. All valid and achievable goals but ones that need to go hand in hand with a ell structured and enjoyable food intake.

You don’t need a new diet

You have probably gone on a diet in the past or are on a diet right now. Many of us are looking for that master key that unlocks effortless and maintainable weight loss. Trust me, from coaching hundreds of clients, you do not need a new diet. You already have a diet. You just need more structure, consistency and time.

In order to get closer to your goals without driving yourself mad you need to keep the foods you love to eat in your daily intake. Yes I really do mean the foods you really love. It is best to put yourself in a position to allow yourself a certain amount of these foods. This helps you think less of the foods as off-limits and reduces an all or nothing mentality. Keeping food like chocolate in your daily intake when actively trying to lose weight will reduce cravings and mindless snacking.

Structuring your diet

“But Eanna if I eat chocolate everyday I won’t be able to put it down. I know what I’m like” you say. Let’s be honest you may have struggled in the past with having a little bit of what you like and overeating it. I often find the reason behind this is that clients do not have their main meals set up well. Often it is a case of trying a really harsh low calories diet. The hunger leads you to overeat on that one piece of joy you give yourself within a very harsh diet approach. Leading you to believe you have to restrict it.

It’s important to create some sort of structure with your meals. Meals at similar times with well balanced carbs protein and fats. This way you’ll snack less and when you do have the chocolate you’re doing out of want rather than a need for an energy boost. Anywhere from 3-5 main meals each day seems to work well for most people.

What to add to your diet

Another thing to consider is not what to remove from your diet but what to add to it. Are you drinking enough water? Eating enough protein (roughly 1.2g/kg body weight). Eating enough fibre? (20-30g per day).

  • Maybe you could add a glass of water to each meal.
  • An extra portion of protein at dinner or with a snack.
  • Some high-fibre meals into your diet like oats, beans, bread or fruit and veggies.

It’s easier to make small changes to how you’re already eating than it is to overthrow your diet entirely.