#73 Malone Financial on How To Make Your Money Work For You

the eanna mc namara podcast

In today’s episode I dove into the topic of money with Dan Malone from Malone Financial. Dan is a fully qualified accountant, tax advisor and financial advisor. He runs a really informative Irish based Youtube channel where he shares his knowledge on personal finance with those who need it most. He has videos about investing, retirement planning, the latest financial news and much more. Today we dove into financial planning, investing, budgeting and the best ways to spend your money. Enjoy!

  • What is Dan’s back story
  • How Dan makes his money
  • What is a good way to spend money
  • What does being smart with money look like?
  • What are some things he would advise against doing with your money
  • Advice to 20-30 year olds on what to do with extra cash
  • Why isn’t leaving money in the bank a good thing to do?
  • How to budget for those new to it
  • How, why and where to invest in index funds as an Irish resident
  • Advice on applying for a mortgage

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